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George Lucas Butt Hurt Over Disney's Handling of New Trilogy

Tom Cathey

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Well George…Join The Party.

Thanks to the disclaimer above, this opinion is not that of whom I write for…this opinion is my own.

Bob Iger, the maven behind Disney’s ascent to control the universe, has published a book about how he became so rich and successful. You know, that’s great and all…it is America. To be honest, I’m not going to read a word of it because I’m wayyyyyyy too busy staying up-to-date on what is the new Star Wars EU (sorry all of you that love the ‘old’ EU…it doesn’t exist anymore).



In the good ‘ole days

So Bob’s new book (IGER) details some information behind Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm, which up to this point, is kind of new news.

Georgie felt like it was understood that the DIS would be making the outline of GEORGE’S Star Wars films. He had three treatments in the can. Why not just make them instead?

As you can see, George wanted to head back to the land of the Midichlorians and explore The Force on a scientific level. Which, actually, is some stupid a$$ sh@t, because George dropped all mention of the MIDIs from the rest of the Prequel Trilogy quicker than a Jappor snippet. To imagine a sequel trilogy focusing on the most mind-numbing aspect of the Star Wars outside of Jar-Jar, is a cause for concern. And don’t forget…PEOPLE SH@T ALLLLLLLLLL over the prequels…critics…fans…you name it….

“What a huge letdown”, they all said. Hell, to this day I still remember that old lady balling in tears at the end of EPI because of the way it ended and how terrible she thought it was.

Then AOTC, which is the WORST STAR WARS FILM EVER (Aside from TLJ. AOTC gets points because it least it was the Creator’s idea and not SJW crap from a dude that’s made (arguably) one good film ever. To be honest, the best thing to come out of the The Last Jedi is that Rian Johnson WILL NEVER TOUCH STAR WARS AGAIN, despite what he’s saying in public. Those films are JUST NOT HAPPENING). Then we move on the ROTS, which I will still argue is a solid film that gets tainted by the stench of the first two prequel films. However, the damage was done. The rub was gone. George had lost the magic.

Then J.J. and his crap, Rian Johnson and his WORSE crap…NOW WE ARE BACK TO J.J., who hasn’t made a decent film since 2008….

What I’m getting at here, in case you haven’t noticed, is that there’s this pining to bring Lucas back, when EVERYONE (outside of me) hated the prequels.

“It can’t possibly be worse that ‘The Last Jedi’,” they say.

Well, it could’ve been…George would’ve made films with all new characters, focusing on the microscopic aspect of The Force (that ZERO PEOPLE CARE ABOUT), and we would’ve gotten more hot, flaming garbage. I can’t blame Disney passing that angle up. I can blame them for what’s happened after that.

Exit Question:

After all of the flack that George has caught for the Prequels, why is there this movement in the old-school, get-off-my-lawn-fandom to bring him back? Did you see DEXSTER JETTSTER?