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Disney/Lucasfilm....What If?

Pete Bendu

A long time a galaxy far far away.

Fade in.....

A rumor has reached the newest base of operations for the new government in the galaxy.

Our Hero, Luke Skywalker along with C-3PO and R2-D2 have left the comfort of the New Republic. They are searching for an ancient and powerful Jedi, who has been in hiding for decades. This Jedi Master has managed to slip between dimensions and avoid Palpatine & Vader's onslaught.

As Luke attempts to use the force with Ben and Yoda's ghostly guidance to reach this new “between space” dimension, his small craft slides slightly off course due to 3PO's bumbling misstep at the nav computer.
The darkness of the void begins to ripple.

A wormhole (blackhole) appears and the ship is pulled in. The ship, at full power along with Luke's force abilities, are no match for the gravity well….and they find themselves in a completely uncharted solar system.

The wormhole has collapsed.

The moment the ship rights itself Luke knows something is terribly wrong. He feels his connection to the force slipping away. Once he could feel most every living thing, but the connections to his world are weakening. Even as he tries to use the force to flip a switch on his console, no use. Emptiness, frustration and pain surround him.

Every attempt he makes with his Jedi keen senses as well as his ship's computer, show no sign of where he came from, and no sign of the break in space, that he just fell through.

Using nearly every bit of fuel, and taxing his ships life support, he spends days, then weeks searching for a way home.

Only a single planet in this system is capable of supporting human life, and he accepts the fact that he must make it there, if he hopes to survive.
The ride is far more serious than he could have imagined.

3PO's systems are fried and so is Luke's ship, R2 plugging in and helping the ship angle itself so that it doesn't burn up entering the atmosphere destroys the little trashcan.

Crash landing into a moss like bog the majority of the ship sinks into the ground, but the sound has brought visitors

Luke is alone… on a planet he doesn't know, while the beings on this planet appear to be just like him, they seem to be at a far earlier stage in their development as a species. They are warlike, and technology is unknown to them, likely centuries away, they attack and do battle with edged weapons and blunt objects.

As Luke attempts to drag 3PO from the sinking ship, the small crowd of onlookers carrying farming tools does not know what they are seeing...... but a solid Gold man would alter their destiny forever and they attack.

Only Luke's reflexes save him from being cut in two, his limited ability with the force is troublesome, but his training allows him the seconds he needs, pushing the crowd back, he reaches for his light saber and flicks the switch. A dull hum is all he hears and the saber refuses to ignite.

A battle ensues until Luke is taxed beyond his limit, thankfully the crowd has run off, after witnessing the abilities of this stranger, dropping trees and moving the earth with his mind. The ease at which he tosses one large stone, toppling the most aggressive attackers, sets the remaining crowd fleeing.

Rumors of the Gold Man and his spell casting protector, flood the hills and the surrounding villages. The people of the nearby towns wander past to get a glimpse at the site of the crash, always staying at a safe distance.

As the stories of this hermit wizard spread, town folk slowly come to him for aid and and bring him their produce, food and wares as payment. He slowly over the course of years, becomes one of them.

Random adventures .....blah blah blah.

Luke removes 3PO’s outer shell, he shows the local blacksmiths, and it is used as a basis to copy. Armor is introduced for protection of the village's warriors......

One of these blacksmith's sons, had been injured and dying of infection, but he was saved by a small amount of bacta Luke used on the wound. As a thank you, the smith offers to forge the greatest sword known to man for his son's savior.

Luke gives the man his light saber hilt to forge a blade around.

Great deeds and more adventure.

And years pass.

Luke is now in his 60's and he can only feel the force at random intervals, for fleeting moments, knows what he must do.

Then the moment comes… Luke makes contact with the force (for what he believes will be the last time,) he draws his magnificent sword...... focuses all his will into powering the crystal within the handle .....and the blade shimmers for just one second as he slams it straight down into the stone

The same stone he had used to stop the attack years before.

Armor, a great Wizard, and a sword in a stone…….

What became of Luke Skywalker?

Fade to black.

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