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Updates to Preordering Photos for SWAU Signings

Updates to Preordering Photos for SWAU Signings


Last week it was announced that Topps Star Wars Authentics’ website was shutting down. SWAU has used Star Wars Authentics to supply photos for the preorders for our signings the last year. With Topps ceasing operations, changes will be coming to the SWAU website for our current active signings starting in early 2021


Q: Are preorders closed for Gina Carano, Ashley Eckstein, Matt Lanter, Hayden Christensen, and/or Natalie Portman?

A: Preorders for photos will re-open in early 2021 and we will have a stock of Topps photos available to be purchased. We have selected multiple images from Topps’ site that are among the most frequently ordered for each signing. Some images will be more limited than others. Once the stock of a certain image is sold out, that’s it, they are gone. Preorders for posters, Funkos, figures, and other items are unaffected

Q: When will preorders open up again exactly?

A: We will be announcing a date and time in the first week of January 2021, with plenty of time to preorder ahead of our signers’ January deadlines.

Q: Does this mean my previously placed photo preorder is cancelled?

A: No, all previously placed photo preorders will be fulfilled as received and planned. You do not need to do anything further to ensure your order will take place.

Q: Can I make an adjustment in photo choice if I ordered before the Topps site shut down?

A: You will need to email us and we will attempt to work with you based on what stock we have available. Please email us at

Q: What sizes will the preorders be available in when orders open up again?

A: We will have all three regular sizes available: 8x10, 11x14, and 16x20.

Q: Will the SWAU hologram be on all of the photos preordered once orders open up again?

A: Yes, the SWAU hologram will go on all preorders regardless of when your order is placed. This goes for all photo, poster, Funko, action figure, and comic book preorders we ever offer.

Q: So how will I preorder a photo now once images and orders are available?

A: Similar to how photos may be preorders for our exclusive signing with Chris Hemsworth, you will select your chosen photo and the accompanying Photo ID, and input it into the preorder form when you add your item to your cart. Just like when you added the Topps Photo ID from the site!

Q: Will SWAU still be getting exclusive images for Natalie Portman?

A: We still plan to offer exclusive images not previously available on the Topps website on officially licensed photographs. Stay tuned in the early parts of the new year as we have more information available then.

Q: So what happens now with Topps’ website down? How will we get photos?

A: As of this writing, Topps is still the official license holder for Star Wars and Star Wars products. SWAU will continue to work with Topps, Lucasfilm, and talent in exploring all options possible to provide approved images for our signings.

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