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Autograph Appraisal

An expert appraisal on what your item is worth in the current market. With collectible markets always fluctuating, SWAU has the latest pulse on industry pricing collected from the most active Sales Group in the world with hundreds of transactions per week. This data, paired with the latest auction results and valuations allows us to give an expert appraisal of what your item is currently worth in today’s market.

This service has two options, one is for appraising the retail value of an item, which is useful for valuing items prior to purchasing. The second is for appraising the replacement value of an item, which is useful for insurance proposals and personal collection valuations.


  • Most submissions are reviewed and answered within 24 hours, but certain circumstances may prolong the time necessary to respond, please be patient.
  • Please upload high resolution, un-cropped photos, if you have a link to an item you may provide it in the ‘notes’ field.
  • One Autograph Appraisal per piece.
  • Keep in mind this is an opinion based on a scan of the item, only an in person examination can determine if live, handwritten ink is actually present on the item.
  • For pieces with more than 15 signatures, please contact for details.